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All the following pages truly deserve the BSC's Premium Award ...
Starfleet Academy
There are thousands of Star Trek Pages on the net but ONLY ONE 'Starfleet Academy' - unique perfection.
Deep Space Twelve
Really detailed Star Trek Page (German).
Star Trek and Sci-Fi Stories
The ultimative place for dozens of great Star Trek Stories (German).
April's Place
Writing, Music, Babylon 5 and much more.
Starbase 4-7-2
A huge Star Trek databank. Recommended for every fan.
"Real Places That Could Be" Java animated 3D space art.
Science-Fiction Stories
Another page with great Sci-Fi stories (German).
Starfleet Ship Yards
A great page with a lot of information, pictures and even more about Star Trek.
USS Pegasus-A
Perfect Star Trek design! - The LCARS side has a real LCARS look and feel, java, animation, music, and even a ship's tour.
Star Trek Federation
Another huge Star Trek archive (English and German).
The one and only Award-o-holic.
Steve's Trek Page
Star Trek Feeling in extraordinary design!
Everything about the Voyager (German).
StarBase - 147
The Last Outpost (Star Trek, Babylon 5 and more).
Gargoyle's Lair
Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and read the latest news and reviews on your favourite stuff from The Gargoyles themselves.
Neutral Zone
Trekdinnergemeinschaft Süddeutschland.
Dobmayer Online Information
Online service around the US and German entertainment industry, with interviews, factsheets, portraits, production reports, media news, etc.
Mysterious Stranger's Beatles Page
Beatles MIDIs.
Starfleet Military Reserves
Star Trek's Federation doesn't have a dedicated military force, but that is just what it should have had decades ago. That is just what we will show you--a powerful armada that keeps the peace and prevents invasion from hostile alien forces. Long Live the Alpha Quad!
Looking For Someone? Find Them Here!
A one stop place for finding persons, places and things with a strong slant toward the adoption triad, but good for anyone searching for anything.
planet deb
design, graphx, images (really cool!).
A Web Journey
An eclectic mix of the most interesting sites on the internet.
Cheat City
Over 400 Cheats & Codes For Video Game System, New & Notes From The Gaming Industry.
The Magic & Illusion of Simon Mallett
An interactive and informative magic web site.
Amber Dawn
poetry. something that comes from the heart and soul. something thhat everyone can relate to in some way, shape, or form.
The LCARS: Federation Databank
This site contains everything you could want from a Star Trek site, all in the LCARS format.
Amanda's Homepage
Has a free web graphics gallery, a Midi audio gallery, and more.
Metamorphic Creations
Has some cool 3d graphics on it.
Gateway To The Wormhole
It contains many cool graphics and multimedia, a lot of Star Trek.
Cruzeiro do Sul Headquarters
A brazilian site about Star Trek.
Madania Site
Internet could be more then thousand pages! - A world tour.
La Bush - The Temple of House
The site of one of the biggest house-clubs in Europe: 3 languages, over 1560 pages all together, over 400 pictures!
Web Builder Support.
Deep Space 1612
Star Trek Gallery.
TrekM@c´s Star Trek Page
Star Trek General.
 BSC's Premium Award
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