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All the following pages truly deserve the BSC's Premium Award ...
The Realm of Shadowolf
Canine information - very visually appealing!
-t h e t r e n c h-
My personal homepage with information about me, my son, space exploration, and more - very impressing!
Paul's Cool Homepage
A Cool Homepage about a thousand things: W. Dodge, viper, neon, Video games, quake 2, java, Sci fi, star trek, Alternative music, Now buttons, And a lot more...
Katie's Star Trek Site
Lot of pics, quotes, links, ... about Star Trek.
The Star League
The Star League is a Master of Orion II league that plays on Kali.
Gamelord's Star trek page
This Star trek site has "stuff" on: ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:Voyager, the Borg, and some more trek "stuff"...
Willkommen bei PDI
Stark Trek (in German).
USS Gemini Home Page
USS Gemini's Home Page.
Star Trek GIF Page
Star Trek GIFs.
Star Trek: Voyager
Salaam Seattle!!
Homepage of Jahaa Mohammad Band - freaky design :).
Data's Domain
Excellent Star Trek wallpapers, self-made Okudagrams and lots of high-quality Star Trek sounds and sound effects. Updated almost daily.
A DeReK JeTeR FanTaSy
This site is dedicated to New York Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter, whose sparkling defense and powerful offense has led him to be unanimously chosen as the 1996 AL Rookie of the Year. In that same year, he led his team to a World Series Championship. This site not only expresses how he (the webmaster) feels about him personally, but it shows that throughout all of his success, he remains to be a good person by giving back to the community through his Turn 2 Foundation.
Medical Log: Supplemental
A champion of individual life, Julian Bashir is an outstanding humanitarian and exemplary Starfleet officer. His deep respect for the inviolate right to life has been the driving force in his career, ultimately leading him to practice medicine on the frontiers of space. This site attempts to recreate the events and atmosphere of Deep Space Nine for visitors who wish to understand how Julian Bashir fits into his role as the Chief Medical Officer.
Smoky Mountain Astronomical Society
Info of the smoky mountain astronomical society and ton of astronomy info.
USS Melbourne
A role playing site.
Beatles Beatles Beatles
The Interactive Beatles Site - Rare Beatles Videos, RealAudio Clips, Extensive Recording Information, Beatles Interviews, Message Boards and much more. Your one stop Beatles Internet Source. 
Starfleet Supply
Starfleet Supply is one of the best Star Trek sites on the Internet! Star Trek Fan Club (Starfleet Command), This award-winning site has the latest info, links, and pics on Star Trek:TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and all movies..etc... 
Star Trek DE
Official WebSite of the German Star Trek Mailinglist.
Axel's Homeworld
Daily update, news, links, infos, win95, win NT, tools, utilities, drivers, antivirus, games, aquariumpages, indianpages, ...
Jane Ellen Official Home Page
Jane Ellen: composer, musician, educator.
Terok Nor 2
Star Trek Page with lots of information.
The Reese Taylor Memorial Cyberhospital
More than just a collection of links, this site offers much original content and design. Done in memorium. 
 BSC's Premium Award
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