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Here are the award which were given to my site.
 Thank you very much to all of you.
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 The SNIN Web Friendly Award
We have reviewed your site and found it to be creative and full of content. Congratulations you have won the "The SNIN Web Friendly Award." We have seen your site and believe what you offer is a great and useful Service to the Internet community (by your point of view and ours also). Your site is easy to use, friendly and graphically pleasing ! Overall we believe it belongs in our list of award winners. Your site only enhances the originality of our internet community.
 New Dawn Reviewed
In regards 2 your website and recent award submission The Dawn's Dream Team has reviewed your site.  This written review is posted at the New Dawn's Dream Team site (It can also be accessed from every webring logo!)  The New Dawn is a powerful on line publication that has received rave reviews!  Now the reviewer becomes the reviewie! (remember only 1 in 200 sites r reviewed)
 WDS Silver Choice Award For Web Excellence
Congratulations!! You have won the WDS Silver Choice Award For Web Excellence from the Web Design Studio. This award is given to outstanding WebPages with excellent design and graphics. Your content is informative, entertaining and presented well. 
 Ronnies Rock 'N' Rollin' Website Award
Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win 'Ronnies Rock 'N' Rollin' Website Award'. Your site has been chosen by me, Ronnie, to be a Rock 'N' Rollin' site.
Ronnie Lees
 Cheat City Award Of Excellence
After viewing your site we have made a decision. You are the winner of the Cheat City Award Of Excellence.
 DevilKid Award
You have an Awesome Page, Its easy to see that you have worked hard on your Page and its Really Great, Your Page had A great Design and showed excellent creativity and originality, you have Lots to be Proud of. I really Loved Your Site & I can appreciate all the hard work you put into
your Page.
Devil Kid
 Kiwi top 100 award
Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Kiwi top 100 award. 
Gary Rimell
 Innovation Award!
I've recieved your award submital from and am really impressed by the overall quality of your website! I'd like to congratulate you, and would like to present you with our PersonalConnections "Innovation Award!" -  really great work with your website!
Christina Brooks
 Web Gear Award
Congratulations on a fine site. At Web Gear we are always looking for new sites that might be a little different from the norm. Easy navigation, and quick load times are always a must, but creativity is the most important.
Bruce K. Hollingdrake
 Stines Award
We have visited your homepage and enjoyed our time there very much. Please accept our award for your wonderful site.
Marge and Martin Stines
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