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Here are the award which were given to my site.
 Thank you very much to all of you.
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 The Blackmoon Web Excellence Award!
Congratulations! You have won the Blackmoon Web Excellence Award!
Sarina R. Blackmoon
 Ranked Lieutenant
First 2 things :
-for purpose of award,  I evaluate only the trek-related stuff (altrough how I'm an excer too , I visited your XFiles page too ;) )
-I changed your classification from Others to Download because all your "trekker-part" is made , mainly,  of pictures and files to download .
Having this in mind, for what I saw, your site is worth to win my " lt" rank which gif is enclosed.
Paulo Ricardo Schwind
 Gold Award Deep Space 1612
Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Hiermit verleihe ich dir den Gold Award Deep Space 1612
Einfach nur gut, sodaß sich jeder weitere Kommentar erübrigt
Christian Mosewitzsch
 SC Financial Award
Thank you for submitting your site for review for SC Financial's award for excellence in
business and marketing innovation. We have reviewed your site and would be honored to include it on our awards page. Congratulations!
SC Financial
 The Mad Award
Ich finde Deine Seite sehr gut gemacht. Ich bin zwar selber kein Trekkie, weil kein Fernseh-anschluss, dennoch habe ich früher (damals bei meinen Eltern) gerne gesehen. Viel Inhalt machen doch noch die besten Websites aus!
Dietmar Klein
 Mr. Jeter's Website Choice Award
Wow!! Great site!! Congratulations for you have won Mr. Jeter's Website Choice Award.
 Jahaa Mohammad Band Funky Sheep Award
Your site is definitely good enough for the Jahaa Mohammad Band Funky Sheep Award! It's got nice design and interesting stuff, but because of our personal conviction and the stuff about All Saints, we couldn't possibly give you the Funky Sheep Award...
Jahaa Mohammad
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