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BSC's Guestbook
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This is a list with all my guestbook entries (69 entries) before 12/30/1999 ...

Name: Laura
From: Bristol, UK
Great site, where do u get the time to do it all. I enjoyed looking at all the text files you have - i have never seen them anwhere else i loved the Q and ferengi one - thanks for the hard work i will be back often take care JaneVok
17:27:51 98/12/29

Name: Sean McCormick
From: Illinois
One of the best Trek type sites I've seen. Keep up the good work!!
21:36:41 98/12/28

Name: Pascal
From: France
Big kiss of France to congratulate you for this site !! Go on ! 
10:28:17 98/12/28

Name: LA Stewart
A great Star Trek Site. LLAP LA
08:04:46 98/12/27

Name: Gianluca "DASHAS"
From: Italy
Good site!!! :)
06:55:11 98/12/24

Name: Jenessa 
From: Alaska
Home: http://
i like the song never ever. i want to get the cd but where i live there aint big stores like the ones in the cities. well, ummmm nice homepage. the next time you up date it i think you should have real audio of the songs(play the whole song,to). well bye. e-mail me when you update it,please.
04:01:21 98/12/20

Name: Axel Jacob
From: Munich, Germany
Echt gute Seiten. Great Pages. Bin zwar nicht unbedingt ein Star Trek Fan aber.... interessant das Ganze. Werde wohl hin und wieder vorbei schauen Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei. Wuerde mich freuen. Axel Not quite sure if you understand german.. but ...good page, interesting even if I am not a real Star Trek Fan ..would be great to hear from you....greetings , Axel
07:11:38 98/12/15

Name: Nicole Meighoo
From: Toronto Canada
Home: http://
hi i have a lot of all saints pictures from magazines and some stickers too. I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade. Im a big backstreet boys fan. I already trade with hanson and boyzone fans. It doesnt matter where you are from. Just email me. I like All Saints too i just collect backstreet boys pics. Congrats to Mel and her baby girl AWWWW :oP
22:10:20 98/12/13

Name: Bruce K. Worsley
From: New York
Home: http://Bruce158
13:24:00 98/12/12

Name: Ashley L.
From: New Jersey
I love All Saints! Especially bootie call, never ever, beg, and lady marmalade. fans e-mail me!
16:15:06 98/12/10

Name: Gary David Watson
From: South Carolina
i really enjoyed your site it is very well put together and very easy to navigat i enjoyed myself thoroughly.
09:31:52 98/12/06

Name: Melodie "e-Mel" Taylor
From: currently in Nebraska
I like your site...very cool. :-) 
16:05:51 98/12/03

Name: jodie
From: Australia
Home: http://
I must say that those girls have absolutely ruined a perfectly good song. I beleive that their rendition of under the bridge is the worst cover that has ever been recorded. I have to turn it it off when it comes on, because otherwise i would have to vomit. However, I do understand that other people may think differently to myself, and I accept that
05:13:56 98/11/26

Name: melonie pelotier
From: new jersy
Home: http://
Hi I think that you girls rool I live in a manchion and I listen to you on my realy big radio in the ball room mabeye some time you could come over and play a littlt music for me
10:48:31 98/11/24

Name: emillie esasca
From: france
Home: http://
you girls are awsome I wish that I was you
10:42:12 98/11/24

Name: Artificial
From: Germany
Echt gediegene Seiten. Schau doch mal auf meinen Seiten vorbei. Gruß Artificial.
07:55:07 98/11/24

Name: Jane Ellen
From: New Mexico, USA
One of the best Trek sites I've seen yet! Thanks for making the web a better place to be.
00:01:11 98/11/21

Name: Marvin
From: Germany/Cologne
Home: http://
Hi! Ich dachte schon ich sei der einzigste Kylie Minogue-Fan auf der Erde. Deine homepage hat mir zum Glück das Gegenteil bewiesen!!! Enjoy Yourself XXX marvin
07:33:51 98/11/20

Name: Mario Schellenberger
19:54:40 98/11/13

Name: Qriley
From: Hanover, In. (USA)
hi, your web site is really have done a super job here...keep up the great job your doing.. when you get some free time, come by and check out my site..see ya--mike
19:06:56 98/11/12

Name: Erica Freedman
From: USA
I love the song Never Ever. I don't really know any of the other songs, but I really like that one. I also like the beginning of it, how they are kind of talking through it! E-mail me!
16:22:05 98/11/04

Name: Verzet
From: Virginia, USA
I like the new song...Never Ever, by All mirrors what so many thoughts in the realistics of real life...makes you think.. Like you very Kool
20:28:59 98/10/30

Name: Sílvia Rebeca Chisholm Appleton
From: I'm from Brazil
Home: http://
I love All Saints. I met them whe she's come to Brazil.... A big Kiss to Nicole my fav All Saints.. Kisses in the heart, Beca Spice
12:43:11 98/10/24

Name: Gary Wilson
From: North Carolina USA
Keep up the good work!
22:49:40 98/10/23

Name: Shari
From: A DeReK JeTeR FanTaSy
Your page is awesome. I love it. Keep up the fantastic work!!
14:52:28 98/10/19

Name: John Minges
From: North Carolina
Your site is a neat site!! Keep up the good work.
10:49:31 98/10/11

Name: Peter Grymans
From: Netherlands
Ilike Startrek and have a great Homepage! Please while vissiting my HP will you sign my guestbook too?
07:02:46 98/10/10

Name: Peter
From: Australia
Home: http://
Great Star Trek Pictures Page
05:49:03 98/10/07

Name: Jennifer Rollins
From: Virginia
Home: http://
This is great!!!You must have put A LOT of HARD WORK into this!!!GOOD JOB!!!
22:06:02 98/10/04

Name: Sílvia Rebeca Chisholm Appleton
From: Brazil
Home: http://
I loved your home page. My name is Sílvia rebeca. I'm 15 years old. I live in Salvador-BA. All saints have been here!!! Saints Kisses!!
17:41:04 98/09/26

Name: Aaron, Michael Sanders
From: Columbus Mississippi
Home: Non
Hey what's up i thaing this si a cool web sit and the all saints cool im going to get there cd this week. ok c ya!! bye!!
12:51:18 98/09/25

Name: Anne
From: Venezuela
No me gustan mucho que se diga pero tengo el cd
20:42:25 98/09/22

Name: bos
From: netherlands
Home: http://
This side is motherfucking hardcore
08:22:29 98/09/15

Name: Earl Clayton
From: SC
Home: http://
When I came upon your site I was wanting to findsome Star Trek pictures. All I found was Whats this crap, is there a special pass word. 
17:02:47 98/09/10

Name: manu
From: maxen b. dresden
Home: http://
15:38:31 98/09/05

Name: Sarah
From: New York
Hi! Cool page! I'm going to go apply for your award now! Bye!
20:24:06 98/09/04

Name: sylvia
Home: http://
HI BENSCHI, hab mir heut nochmal die Homepage angeschaut, supergut... Mail mir mal... Gruß Sylvia...
09:18:43 98/08/29

Name: Milt Vadrahanis
From: Quebec, Canada
Great site; love Star Trek, and All saints are HOT!!! (I hope my wife doesn't see this). 
05:59:06 98/08/29

Name: TrekM@c
Cool site Visit mine !!!!!!
18:27:18 98/08/28

Name: Kathrin Reimann
From: Earth/New Zealand
cool page keep up the good work
22:08:21 98/08/27

Name: gREAT
Home: http://
coool web page 
19:16:37 98/08/27

Name: jo 
From: http://
05:59:21 98/08/14

Name: Allen
From: Atlanta/Ga
Home: http://
Really nice page
14:27:26 98/08/13

Name: Madokan
From: Berlin/Germany
Hi BSC, Thanx oder Danke ! :) Deine Seite macht echt was her ich bin zwar kein eingefleischter Star Trek Fan aber ich "liebe" diese Serie dennoch und es ist immer wieder eine Augenweide eine so gut aufgemachte Seite zu sehn !!! gruss Matze (Berlin)
19:39:02 98/08/11

Name: Krystal
From: LA
Home: http://
It took me forever to find a All Saints web page and I find yours. Thanks for haveing me I'll be back soon its sooooo cool!!!!!!!
18:58:47 98/08/10

Name: Jackie Fischer
From: Kentucky
Home: guestboo.htm 
your page is tight i like it alot!!!! HANSON RULES!!HEHE
20:41:50 98/08/05

Name: john chamberlain
From: albany, new york
really enjoyed your page
22:11:47 98/08/04

Name: sylvia
From: maria steinbach
Home: http://
hi...nicht schlecht....
19:40:41 98/07/30

Name: Sven
From: Berlin / Germany
Hallo, ich muß sagen, Du hast Dir viel Mühe gegeben für Deine Seiten. mach weiter so.
04:31:31 98/07/30

Name: Jazz
From: Chorley (UK)
Great Kylie Section :) - B Sure 2 check out my Minogue Ministry Site 4 all the new pics of Dannii 
12:46:29 98/07/29

Name: Simon Mallett
From: Toronto, Canada
I must admit I love the whole Star Trek theme, even though I am not a huge fan, I must admit. Kyle Minogue, the old neighbours with Jason Donovan, that was a good show!!!
19:51:27 98/07/24

Name: Tony
I think your site is great !!!
10:04:48 98/07/23

Name: WebManager
Great site!
07:11:55 98/07/22

Name: Terry
From: NJ USA
Nicely put together web site. Excellent job!
07:10:49 98/07/22

Name: Dieter
From: Germany
Hallo BSC, eine sehr schöne Seite, besonders die Star Trek Bilder - echt gelungen ! viele Grüsse Dieter
02:04:54 98/07/22

Name: Elin Johanna Bjarnadottir
From: Iceland
Home: http://nothing
your cd is great and All Saints are my favourite band.
17:31:49 98/07/18

Name: Greta
From: Georgia
hi , you have a really neat web page. i like the all saints part too. i'm also a member of that A+ web ring, check me out! bye! ICQ-3639027
14:23:26 98/07/13

Name: debbie carlos
From: vacationing in Manila
09:27:00 98/07/08

Name: Joan Loranger-Martin
From: California
I love the Star Trek links. I'm not a bona fide Trekkie myself, but I raised one and I send all the URLs I find to her. She may be all grown up (where'd my baby go?), but it's still fun to surprise her with something thata makes her smile.
11:41:12 98/07/05

Name: Mysterious Stranger
From: Canada
Great page!!! Keep it up!!
17:45:31 98/06/27

Name: Goldie
From: Adelaide, Australia
I love star Trek, and this site is great! fantastic wirk :-) Cheers, Goldie
08:42:31 98/06/22

Name: amber
From: michigan
your page is great. the layout is wonderful and i didn't get bored. a definent plus! you get my award. i will email you the code
15:59:40 98/06/18

Name: Steve Nibbelink
From: Earth
You've got a nice site. Keep up the good work. Great pictures as well.
13:53:57 98/06/17

Name: Philipp Louis
From: Tübingen, Germany
Coole Seite! :o)
09:26:35 98/06/16

Name: Scott Johnston
From: Scotland, UK
Good page! Keep up the brilliant work!
04:05:00 98/06/13

Name: April
From: USA
I gave your site three awards. Please visit also my page!
19:03:41 98/06/12

Name: Capt. Michael Hoberg
From: Germany
Nice page. Keep on your good work. Live Long And Prosper! Capt. Michael Hoberg
18:56:47 98/06/12

Name: Fabian Everding
From: Germany
Nice site, but mine is even nicer! :-)
18:53:48 98/06/12

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