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Who am I? 
This question is hard to answer but here's some of the common stuff: I'm an 18 year old German student. I'm living in Tübingen (a town in the south-west of Germany) and probably I will study computer science when I've finished school. My favourite band is Oasis and I'm crazy about Star Trek. You like the same things as I do or you wanna tell me something? Then read the following. 

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Name   BSC  

General Information 
(Content, Updates)
What's the content of this site? Will there be any updates? 
  • Star Trek Pictures 1: 25 miscelleanous Star Trek Pictures
  • Star Trek Pictures 2: Several hundred TNG Pictures
  • Star Trek Texts: Many texts from various sources about Star Trek (from Klingon History to Replicators and a Vulcan Language Guide)
  • Win a Banner: Star Trek riddle, win a free banner on my mainpage
  • Coming Soon: More Star Trek Pictures
  • A mysterious program: LOST V3.1
  • Coming Soon: X-Files Pictures, texts, a mistery story
  • Kylie Minogue ICQ List
  • Kylie Minogue Pictures: Pictures from different CD covers
  • Coming Soon: More Kylie Pictures
  • All Saints ICQ List
  • All Saints Information: Info about the four girls (hobbys, age, etc.)
  • All Saints Pictures: Pictures from 'Never Ever'
  • Coming Soon: More All Saints Pictures
  • Homework Searchengine: An offline searchengine for homework
  • BSC's Premium Award: Apply for my award
  • Awards, which my site has won
  • Links to miscelleanous pages
  • How to navigate this page?   
    There are three Navigation Tools on my page (apart from your browser's buttons): 
  • Use the buttons at the bottom of each page. They list up the main topics. However, you have to scroll down first.
  • You can also use the buttons in the left frame (it looks like a vertical menu). They are like the buttons at the bottom. If you don't see them, you probably entered my page from a back door or your browser doesn't support frames. To activate them goto the Mainpage or read the next paragraph.
  • The four buttons in the upper-left corner of each page (four buttons with little icons) are for extended navigation. The first button is similar to the back button of your browser (it goes back to the upper page). The second button directly jumps to the Mainpage. The third buttons deactivates frames (some people don't like them) and the last button activates frames (the opposite). I use frames for a topic list at the left. It makes navigation much easier. Try the last button of the four and activate them if you don't see a topic list on the left (or click on the Mainpage link a few lines above).

  • ... does this sound too complicated? Don't worry, just click your way through. There are several ways to get to each page. 

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