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Kylie Minogue     Dance Kylie!
Kylie Minogue  

Kylie is one of the most famous Australian artist. The soap 'Neighbours' made her very popular but she is also famous for her music. Her current CD is named 'Impossible princess' and contains several great songs (for example Breathe). Don't miss to have a look at it and listen to some of them - it's fascinating! :)  

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 Kylie Minogue Pictures  

There pictures are taken from 'Impossible Princess' and Kylie's 94 album ('Confide in me'). Click on the Thumbnails to view the full size image.  

Kylie Minogue Pictures 1/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 2/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 3/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 4/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 5/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 6/7
Kylie Minogue Pictures 7/7

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Dozens of great Kylie Pictures ...  
Kylie Minogue Pictures  
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