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Star Trek

Star Trek Pictures  
Here are 25 Star Trek Pictures. There are a few pictures of First Contact but also some pictures of actors and ships ...  
Star Trek Pictures 1   

This page contains hundreds of screenshots. They are all taken from The Next Generation - a really worthwhile archive for every Trekker.  
Star Trek Pictures 2   
And now Star Trek Backgrounds for Win95. There are also other backgrounds, just because they look good :-). If you use Netscape you can directly right-click on the full-size pictures and set them as wallpapers - Star Trek wallpapers ...  
Background 1 - UFP-Logo with Picards Face (Looks cool!!!)
Background 2 - Simply the Earth
Background 3 - Ferengis
Background 4 - Enterprise D near the atmosphere of a planet
Background 5 - The Bridge
Background 6 - Great Crystal Background! Absolutely necessary!
Background 7 - Last but not least: Natalie Imbruglia

Star Trek Texts  

A collection of intertesting Star Trek Documentations (each file has several hundred or even thousand lines!) ...  

Bajoran Lexicon (approx. 250 lines)   

Cardassians: The Unofficial Guide (approx. 2200 lines)   

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (approx. 5800 lines - German)   

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Birthdays actors (approx. 20 lines)   

Ferengi Guide (approx. 3400 lines - German)   

Holodeck and Computers (approx. 700 lines)   

The Klingon Chronicles (approx. 9500 lines)      <<<  Really big!  

Klingon Language Course (approx. 2700 lines - German)   

Q Rules! (approx. 2300 lines)   

Replicators (approx. 70 lines - German)   

TNG - Frequently Asked Questions (approx. 1800 lines - German)   

TNG - Birthdays of actors (approx. 30 lines)   

TNG - Star Trek vs. X-Files (approx. 400 lines)   <<<  X-Files-Fans!!!  

TOS  - Birthdays of actors (approx. 30 lines)   

VOY - Birthdays of actors (approx. 10 lines)   

Vulcan Language Guide (approx. 700 lines - German)   

BASIC: Warpspeed into Lightspeed (approx. 30 lines - German)   

Stardates (approx. 1100 lines)   
CPP: Stardates Calculators in C++ (approx. 1100 lines)   
...  If you want the Executable Files, Mail me 

Star Trek Links  

Pictures, pictures, pictures ...  
Star Trek Next Generation Pictures (37MB!!!)  

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